Candidate Guide To Essential Qualities Employers Seek

Here’s a short guide for candidates focusing on 8 key areas that employers seek in employees.

1. Punctuality

This is key from as early as your initial interview, as it often defines the first impression of you. Time keeping and time management are essential as are your abilities to meet work based deadlines.

2. Communication

Clear and concise speaking, actively listening and the ability to write succinctly and precisely are key traits sought by an employer.

3. Organisation

To sort, categorise, prioritise and manage your work. This is even more essential these days in a virtual environment as it is with physical files etc. An organised employee is a more efficient and effective employee.

4. Adaptability

Managing and adjusting to change in a fast paced environment. Wearing different ‘hats’ which may be outside of your fundamental job description. The ability to be flexible and adaptable is key, particularly within SME type organisations.

5. Teamwork

Your ability to work well alongside others, exchanging ideas and working together to achieve company goals and objectives. Managing conflict where necessary, getting the best out of colleagues will always enhance teamwork and achieves synergy.

6. Critical Thinking

How you make judgements which have been made logically and with sound reasoning. Problem solving and overcoming daily challenges in the working environment.

7. Creativity

Not working to convention, thinking ‘outside the box’ and having a fresh approach to ideas. This promotes creativity which in turn results in innovation. This facet is priceless as innovation enables the organisation to differentiate itself from its competitors and therefore working to achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage.

8. Computer Literacy

Competency in a variety in different basic software applications, CRM’s and general IT literacy across the board supports the company in a variety of different ways.

To Conclude:

We hope you find these pointers useful to you in what will surely be a more competitive job market for candidates when we return following the lockdown. Our aim is to help you focus your mind on these key points as our research has shown that they are highly valued by clients.

If you would like to know more or have any questions, why not give us a call and we’ll be happy to help?