CV Writing Tips – Give yourself the best chance of securing an interview


Add a personal statement at the top of Page 1.

Remember that most people decide within the first 10-15 seconds whether they want to read further or not. This is your chance to shine! Write a powerful personal statement that tells the employer exactly why you’re the candidate for them – such as clearly define what roles you have done that are related to the requirements.

Keep it short, succinct and above all interesting!

Again it is all about holding the reader’s attention so keep it short, engaging, interesting and above all relevant. Make sure your key experience is evident from the outset and keep the document inside 2 pages if you can.

Use powerful adjectives that sell your abilities

Works like ‘motivates’, ‘leads’, ‘drives’, ‘achieves’, ‘delivers’, ‘experience’, ‘professional’ are some examples that show positivity and promotes your abilities to succeed.

Follow a simple CV structure

We’ve seen many CV layouts/structures, however, to ensure your best chances of success we would recommend the following; Personal Statement, Key Skills, Employment History, Education/Training.


Make silly mistakes

Avoid typos and silly grammatical errors, they will turn the reader off your application very quickly. Spell check your document and have one or two people read it through for you.

Come across as arrogant

Keep it humble. Sell yourself with confidence but make sure it doesn’t come across as arrogance. Again, ask one or two people you trust to give their impression on this if you can.

Waffle or include information that is not relevant

Put yourself in the position of the reader. What are they looking for? What is key for this role? Avoid waffle and irrelevant information.

Be negative or bland

Does your CV look good portray you in a positive manner? The reader will be put off if your CV is negative or not engaging enough.

Key Tips & Tricks

Tailor your CV to each application

Ensure you tailor your CV to highlight your key achievements that are relevant to the role you are applying for. For technical roles, clearly state your abilities as closely as you can to the person specification requirements.

Avoid being too fancy

Don’t be too fancy with your CV format, stick to a more generic font type such as Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri or Cambria and don’t use a font size that is too big. Fancy tables and graphs often put the reader off too.

Have a strong social media profile

In this day and age the reader will search the web to see what else they can find out about you. Have a strong and positive social media profile.

Follow up, show you are keen

If the role has a deadline date, ensure you diarise a positive follow up for a day or two after. If it doesn’t then make sure you do the same within 48 hours of the application. This shows you are on the ball, keen and organised.

We hope that these hints and tips help, if you have any questions please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.