Our first post

Hi everyone, for those who don’t know us, we’re not young bucks!!!! We are experienced professionals who’ve been there, done it.

At Orbital, we’re moving into the 21st century and as a starting point embracing social media, so here is our first post on our blog site.

Our aim in using social media is multi fold:

  • to post suitable jobs as they become available;
  • provide tips to job seekers to help you:
    • find the ideal job;
    • prepare your CV to gain interest from potential employers;
    • prepare for that initial telephone interview;
    • prepare for the follow-on face to face interview,
  • provide advice to employers on how to find the best candidates that match your corporate culture;
  • workplace topics;
  • what we do as a company in the local community.

……and much, much more!

We are here to help you, both customers and candidates alike!

If there is a specific topic that we are not covering then please post a comment and we’ll do our best to include it.

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