Tips for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

There are no hard and fast rules but from our many years of experience in recruiting and working closely with our clients, both large and small, here are our top tips to securing and retaining top talent to your organisation.

You want the best people possible to join your business that fit within your culture and help it to thrive and grow. Once you have secured them, you will want to retain them long term, nurture their professional development, make them want to come to work for you and it will enhance their loyalty to your business.

Here are some simple areas to consider in order to achieve your goal of recruiting and retaining all of the employee talents that you need.

1. Look First at In-House Candidates

Unquestionably, promoting internally enhances employee loyalty and well being. It is also an excellent ‘selling point’ for your business, when interviewing top talent from outside sources, as it shows these potentials that you have a long time vision that is exciting and sets you apart from your competitors. It boosts the morale of your current employees, showing that you appreciate their efforts, talents and achievements to date that they have a career path within your company.

2. Build a Reputation as a Great Employer

By building loyalty and a fun working environment, you want your employees to be spreading the message that your organisation is a great place to work.

This is a powerful tool as people will believe your employees before they believe what you write in your company website, job adverts, social media and corporate literature.

Focus on your employee retention strategy; rewarding employees, recognition, flexibility in working practices, promotion and involvement in business decisions. If you can do these things you are well on the way to differentiating your business from its competitors and ultimately becoming the employer of choice.

3. Improve your Candidate Pool when Recruiting Employees

You will in many cases go through the process in point (1.) and ascertain that sadly you do not have the required skills and experience in-house for the role you need to fulfill. It’s easy to just pop an advert in a paper, or, online and selecting a candidate from these options alone. However, by doing this you are not accessing your external talent pool in its entirety and therefore decreasing your chances of securing the best candidate.

The best talent you would want is usually working for someone else and it’s quite likely that they are not even looking for a new position. Here are our recommendations for maximising your talent pool:-

  • Invest time in developing a relationship with one recruiter who specialise in your sector and has the experience and knowhow, threat them as an extension to your company. They should be able to reduce your time involved in the recruitment process if you trust their judgement.
  • OR: Invest time in developing relationships with perhaps 2 preferred recruiters/executive search firms. Make sure they specialise in your sector and have the experience and knowhow. You’ll probably receive more CV’s from these recruiters but you’ll be involved more to filter out the unsuitable candidates.
  • If you’re into graduate recruitment, build relationships with university placement offices to attract young professionals and nurture them.
  • Utilise social media avenues such as LinkedIn
  • Empower current employees to actively participate in industry professional associations, exhibitions and conferences where they are likely to meet candidates you may successfully attract.
  • Give incentives for current employees to refer friends who have the required skills and experience. This may not be appropriate for your requirement now but will help build your pool of potentials for the future.

You want to be in a position where you have a decent, growing pool of talent that you can call on when required. Speak to your preferred recruiter and let them know the types of candidates that will always interest you. Good recruiters will look after you and always keep an eye out with you in mind.

4. Involve your Employees in the Recruitment Process

They can assist you to review CV’s and qualifications of potential candidates.

They can help you interview people to assess their potential “fit” within your company.

If you give your employees that participation in the selection process, they are committed to helping the new employee succeed. That is a massive advantage for both you and the new employee.

5. Experience and Track Record Wins Every Time

It is great to nurture and develop young talent that is unproven, given that you’ve created long term plans. However, in terms of helping your business right now if you have an immediate requirement, you cannot beat recruiting someone who has done the same job in the same industry straight from a company with a similar culture to yours.

Recruiting experienced candidates in this way with proven experience means they ‘hit the ground running’ and therefore will have a faster ROI and this is very powerful. Use your preferred recruiter as they will have the strongest resources and abilities to search, select and shortlist the top talent. This then frees up your precious time to focus on your business objectives.

6. Offer Better Remuneration Packages than your Competition

‘You get what you pay for’ is a well know expression and it’s no different in the job market.

It’s important that you are able to survey the job market and ascertain what remuneration people in your industry attract for each job function. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to get employees on the cheap as this will often come back to bite you – consider the internal effects of this, not to mention the additional recruitment costs when you have to replace them after just a short period!

It’s also key that you have a good benefits package. Ensure the benefits package is sensible and as you grow, improve it as you can afford to. Above all, employees appreciate and value flexible remuneration packages, both with balancing work with other life responsibilities, interests etc. Most executives expect the usual benefits such as life insurance, decent pension, health insurance, PRP and other rewards for excellent work.

7. Your Website is Key to Selling Your Business to New Recruits

This is often overlooked but your website portrays your ethos, vision, values, goals, what you do and how you do it! Decent candidates will always check it out and do their research so make sure you are able to enhance their interest in working for your company.

8. Always Check References when Recruiting Employees

It’s essential that you check out references and do any required background checks before you engage a new candidate externally. Some candidates interview superbly but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

On top of attesting to the quality of their past work, it is also imperative that you check for any past transgressions that may put others at risk. You need to cover this off as it’s the responsibility of your company to do so.

To Conclude:

We hope you find our 8 points of value. Ultimately we all want to recruit the best talent, create an environment where they are happy and empowered and ensure we offer the right platform to retain them long term! The most successful businesses are often those that can achieve this.

If you would like to know more or have any questions, why not give us a call? We are more than just a recruitment specialist, our business expertise enables us to help you develop recruitment strategies, to grow your business and build a solid structure.